Work Package(s): WP1, WP2, WP4, WP5
Type: Academic & Industry
Country: The Netherlands

WP4 Coordinator

TNO is the largest fully independent research, development and consultancy organisation in the Netherlands. It supports and assists trade and industry, including SMEs, governments and others in technological innovation and in solving problems by rendering services and transferring knowledge and expertise. It also provides contract research and specialist consultancy, as well as grant licences for patents and specialist software. TNO has extensive experience in international collaborative programs and has successfully participated in over 270 FP7 projects, of which TNO has coordinated around 50, with a total own budget of around €160 million. TNO brings expertise in the development of post-combustion capture technologies to the NEWEST-CCUS project. TNO was the first European research institution to implement a post-combustion CO2 capture pilot plant at a coal-fired power plant, which operates in Rotterdam (2008).

Coordinator Profile

Peter van Os (MSc) is a Senior Project Manager at The Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research (TNO). He works on various projects concerning Gas Treatment with a focus on CO2 capture and utilisation. He is internationally oriented, with clients including national and international companies and SME’s and is involved in a range of EU projects and (joint) Industry Projects. He has worked at TNO since 1985, first as a system engineer (up to 2000), and since then as a project manager. Peter is an IPMA and PRINCE II certified project manager.