View of the Steinmüller Engineering GmbH building in Gummersbach. Photo: Florian Mayer

Steinmüller support for University of Stuttgart’s carbon capture research

Science and industry partnerships within the NEWEST-CCUS project are expected to bring benefits to each sector, as a link between the University of Stuttgart and a Germany-based engineering company...

Stuttgart puts oxy-fuel technology for waste-to-energy through its paces

NEWEST-CCUS partners at the University of Stuttgart are testing oxy-fuel technology for the combustion of solid recovered fuels, which is expected to be of value to operators of waste-to-energy...

Technology Insight 2: Capture testing for solid recovered fuels combustion

IFK’s oxy-fuel fluidised bed research facilities at the University of Stuttgart Our second Technology Insight introduces experimental facilities offered by the University of Stuttgart's...

NEWEST partner secures $16m for low-cost carbon capture innovation

Carbon Clean Solutions Limited (CCSL), an innovator in low-cost carbon capture and separation technology, has secured $16 million from global investors to deliver an existing pipeline of projects...

Technology Insight 1: Bridging the gap between lab and large-scale pilot trials

The first Technology Insight from the NEWEST-CCUS project, published today, takes a look at the state-of-the-art research facilities at the University of Sheffield, which will be used to evaluate...