NEWEST-CCUS online portal goes live


The innovative NEWEST-CCUS project has launched its website, which provides a hub for all project details, activities and outputs and more information about the use of carbon capture and storage (CCS) on Waste-to-Energy (WtE) plants.

The project's international consortium of 21 research institutions and industry organisations has secured funding from the ACT programme (Accelerating CCS Technology) to de-risk and accelerate the development and deployment of carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technologies tailored specifically for WtE operations.

Dr Mathieu Lucquiaud, Project Coordinator, the University of Edinburgh, said: "In the context of net zero carbon targets, it is very important that we understand how Waste-to-Energy conversion with CCS can transform our municipal waste into a strategic resource to achieve negative carbon emissions, and that we develop models to value it accordingly.”

The project aims to demonstrate the technology while at the same time creating a robust methodology for negative emissions accounting for the WtE sector. The research team hopes its work will help to establish WtE as a key contributor to global climate change mitigation efforts.

The project website will provide the means to share and promote research findings and increase the impact of the work undertaken. As well as a news and events feed, the site provides more detail about the different areas of research packages, or work packages, and a section dedicated to explaining more about waste and the WtE process.

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